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Comparing home prices in different areas of Dorchester

Dorchester is Boston’s most populous neighborhood – by a long shot.

According to the 2010 census, Dorchester had 114,235 residents. The next biggest neighborhood in the city was Roxbury, with 48,454 residents.

Housing more than a sixth of Boston’s residents, it makes sense that Dorchester, in a sense, functions as a city of its own. (In fact, it was once its own town before Boston annexed it in 1870.) It has a diverse group of residents and over the years has formed its own neighborhoods to reflect that.

This is why Constantine Valhouli, the cofounder of NeighborhoodX, a neighborhood-specific reporting and data startup, made a map to point out just how many sub-neighborhoods are within the city-recognized limits of Dorchester.

By his research, Dorchester has about a dozen neighborhoods.

“The other thing that we found interesting was – with the neighborhood borders –how contentious they were,” Valhouli told Boston.com. The neighborhood borders can differ quite a bit depending on the source discussing them and are often heavily debated.

Valhouli then took it a step further to illustrate how different these micro-neighborhoods can be in terms of the price-per-square-foot residents will pay for condos and single-family homes.

“I was a little surprised with how different it was,” he said. Condo prices in Dorchester can range from $490 per square foot in the Andrew Square/Polish Triangle area to as low as $68 per square foot in Grove Hall.

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