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A developer has proposed building 23 homes on the site of the former town farm, land left to the town by a colonial governor three centuries ago.

Five years ago, the town signed a purchase and sales agreement to sell 30 of the 34 acres of the Gov. Stoughton property to developer Pulte homes for $5 million. Stoughton, a colonial era governor, left the land to the town in 1701 for the benefit of the poor, and the property had served as the town’s poor farm..

The company made a presentation on the proposal to the planning board Thursday night.

Lots in the development, named Milton Woods, would range from slightly less than a half acre to more than one acre and 35 percent of the land will be left as open space, said Mark Mastroianni, a land project manager for the company. He said homes in the development would sell for comparable prices as the ones in surrounding area. The lots would line a cul-de-sac off Unquity Road.

Mastroianni said there would be a 20-foot buffer around the edge of the property and that none of the houses would be closer than 100 feet from the property line, but the developer would not place any restrictions on property owners building in that area.

Robert Sweeney, a former selectman who included the buffer zone requirement into the purchase and sales agreement, feels the Pulte proposal falls short

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