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  On Monday evening, Executives from Massport conducted another in a series of public meetings to keep local residents informed about the waterfront development plans that are underway, as the Authority attempts to generate maximum revenue and improve economic development on their properties on and around the Boston Harbor and adjacent parcels. Monday’s topic was […]
Monday’s topic was the South Boston Waterfront Transportation Center (SBWTC) located within the borders of the World Trade Center Avenue (the Viaduct), Summer and D Streets and backing up to Waterside Place. Its proximity to the Silver Line stations and bus lines gives it license to expand its useful purpose beyond that of a garage. The ground floor will provide retail and other possibilities and the community still has an opportunity for inpu.
The meeting was kicked off by Representative Nick Collins, who has been working on a number of initiatives with MassPort and with the various stakeholders affected by MassPort’s agenda, including the Longshoreman’s Union and businesses in the area. After acknowledging representatives of several local elected officials including Councilors Michael Flaherty and Bill Linehan, Senator Linda Forry, Collins mentioned that discussions are ongoing relative to the establishment of a Foundation to benefit South Boston using a framework similar to that which exists for East Boston. On a second matter that will likely be part of a future meeting is the assessment of cost and benefit to establishing a shore power capability to enhance the ability of more ships to use the port.
The SBWTC is envisioned to serve as an intermodal transportation center with three key benefits to transportation in the South Boston Waterfront District:

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