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The PLAN: South Boston Dorchester Avenue Planning Initiative was launched in July 2015. It is as a comprehensive effort involving the community and staffed by a planning team consisting of an interdepartmental working group from across City departments and state transportation agencies.
“Preserve, enhance, and grow” were the three lenses by which the study area was examined to determine how to create an appropriate planning vision. Community discussions exploring conceptual height and density buildouts, open space concept, and a new street network to connect the district to the surrounding South Boston neighborhood and beyond formed the physical framework for this Plan.
The planning process also examined the compatibility of different uses including retail, housing, light industrial, and other commercial uses. Recent market pressures that are particularly concentrated on the area’s low density commercial and light industrial uses made them a major focus for discussions of the study area’s future. As a result of these discussions, City departments are thinking within their own policy areas and across departments about how to accommodate growth and density along this transit corridor.
In an effort to start the implementation of this plan in 2016 in coordination with Imagine Boston 2030, the City departments will continue to define new policies, zoning, and collaborative initiatives. Specific opportunities that were realized from the PLAN initiative process:

  • A proactive approach to change in an area facing development pressure.
  • Engagement of community residents, businesses, non-profits, property owners, advocates, and various stakeholders through a range of workshops, site visits, and events.
  • A coordinated interdepartmental working group communicating through task driven dialogue and regular staff meetings.
  • A defined vision that will allow the City and the community to create and improve the planning area.
  • Establishment of new development guidelines for the overall district that ensures the delivery of predictable community benefits
  • Development of recommendations that will form the basis for new zoning to guide future growth in a manner that is consistent with the community’s vision.

To review the draft Plan: South Boston Dorchester Avenue Report please click on the document link below. Your comments are welcome via email, the comment section below, or U.S. mail, through Wednesday, June 22, 2016. A hard copy of the draft report is available for viewing at the South Boston Public Library, 646 East Broadway and the BRA Office in City Hall .

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