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City’s affordable housing plan hits the ground running.

In an appearance for Bisnow’s Boston Affordable Housing Conference April 9, Mayor Marty Walsh touted the city’s progress toward an ambitious building agenda. According to figures released by the city related to its Inclusionary Development Policy (IDP), the city added 546 new units of affordable housing in 2018. While the IDP has been in place since 2000, last year’s construction rate represented 21 percent of the program’s total 18-year output.


“[546] is a good number. We obviously want to see bigger numbers, but that’s a good number,” Walsh said at the Bisnow conference. “We got more affordable units without slowing down development in the ongoing boom.”


To get those bigger numbers, Walsh and other housing groups are considering changes to the IDP, including raising the required number of affordable units that each new multifamily development must include. Currently, that requirement sits at 13 percent, but recent proposals have called for increasing it to 18 percent. The mayor’s office has also set aside some $26 million of funding for the creation or preservation of at least 515 affordable housing units in 2019.


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