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New developer seeks to move long-planned multi-building project forward

Prolific Boston developer Samuels & Associates has taken over management of the long-planned Dot Block project in Dorchester.

Recall that the multi-building project—around 10 total at last count—along Dorchester Avenue dates back a few years and had looked likely to start at different times. Now, with Samuels & Associates behind it, the project looks increasingly likely to break ground in 2019.

It will look different, according to plans that the developer has broached with locals (but not yet with the city through a formal filing). For one thing, there would be about 33 percent more apartments for around 490 total. The larger retail component would be chopped up in favor of smaller merchants.

And, in keeping with a general trend in Boston, an above-ground garage would not be built underground. That would free up about 1.25 acres of open space for parkland.

All in all, the project’s density would grow less than 5 percent, according to Samuels & Associates, with originally proposed building heights unchanged. Stay tuned.

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