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Massachusetts Airbnb regulations could come in the next few weeks

State lawmakers moving unexpectedly toward compromise bill

Massachusetts lawmakers are moving toward passage of a suite of regulations for short-term rentals done through sites such as Airbnb.

The regulations would require all short-term rentals to register with the state and to carry insurance. But only those hosts that offer rentals for more than 14 nights would have to pay Massachusetts’ 5.7 percent hotel tax.

The compromise legislation would also allow cities and towns to add an additional 6 percent to the state hotel levy.

As the Boston Globe notes, the legislation is moving with “breakneck speed” on Beacon Hill, where lawmakers failed over the summer to move through regulations that would have required just about every host to pay the tax, not just those hosting for 14 nights or more.

While the proposed regulations are moving fast, it’s unclear whether Gov. Charlie Baker will get onboard. Stay tuned.

Surprise! Beacon Hill is moving on the Mass. Airbnb bill [Globe]

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